Bandwagonhost VPS的TOS条款之前搬瓦工中文网介绍过,具体大家可以到Bandwagonhosts VPS禁止条款去查看。很明显,如果各位Bandwagonhost迷们不小心违背了搬瓦工TOS条款,会出现哪些问题,如何处理呢?


Should we find out that a service is breaching these terms, we will suspend the service and an explanation will be posted automatically to the KiwiVM control panel. Service can be restored by customer once they acknowledge the issue and be ready to resolve it. This is done in KiwiVM without involving support.

Repeat offences may incur $50 admin fee per incident as well as suspension of all services under the same account until this fee is paid.

DoS attacks originating from your VPS OR Sending out mass e-mails may incur a $50 admin fee per incident as well as suspension of all services under the same account until this fee is paid.

After 3 suspensions in one calendar year the VPS becomes permanently suspended until January 1st of the next year.

We reserve the right to terminate services without providing a reason. In this case we will provide a refund for the unused service.

很明显,一旦我们违背了Bandwagonhost TOS条款,搬瓦工会暂停违背条款的VPS,然后其独有KiwiVM管理后台会提醒你违背了搬瓦工那条TOS条款,这时Bandwagonhost会等待您的解释,如果合理,Bandwagonhost会重新开通您的VPS主机。

但是如果再次出现同样的违规条款,Bandwagonhost会收取50美金的管理费,并且暂停您账户下的所以VPS主机。很严重吧,所以Bandwagonhost中文网建议大家最好不要违背其TOS条款,或是购买Bandwagonhost VPS前,仔细查阅搬瓦工TOS条款。


BandwagonHost各种VPS CPU使用说明

BandwagonHost家的VPS算是国内口碑最好的便宜VPS了。国内不少人考虑到价钱及科学SS上网速度等多方面因素,最终发现BandwagonHost是最具性价比的VPS了。今天,BandwagonHost中文网就和大家说说搬瓦工各种VPS方案的CPU占用情况,让大家更好的选择BandwagonHost VPS方案。


Micro-64 Plan: 10% of 1 core
Micro-96 Plan: 13% of 1 core
Micro-128 Plan: 15% of 1 core

3G Plan: 20% of 1 core
5G Plan: 20% of 1 core
10G Plan: 25% of 1 core
20G Plan: 50% of 1 core
40G Plan: 75% of 1 core
80G Plan: 100% of 1 core
160G Plan: 100% of 1 core + 50% of 2nd core
320G Plan: 100% of 2 cores
480G Plan: 100% of 3 cores
640G Plan: 100% of 4 cores
960G Plan: 100% of 6 cores
1280G Plan: 100% of 8 cores

5G/512M Promo plan: 17% of 1 core
10G/512M Promo plan: 17% of 1 core
20G/1024M Promo plan: 25% of 1 core
30G/4G RAM Promo plan: 50% of 1 core