Bandwagonhosts Self-Managed VPS说明

Bandwagonhosts为什么这么便宜?这里,搬瓦工中文站和大家介绍下Bandwagonhosts Self-Managed VPS,即搬瓦工自我管理型VPS说明。所谓的VPS有管理型和自我管理型,Bandwagonhosts就是典型的自我管理型,这种VPS是需要用户自己进行管理。


All our services are strictly self-managed. While we maintain the ideal working condition of our servers, we do not manage or offer support for customer’s VPS. In other words, we do not assist with installing and configuring applications, troubleshooting, recovering from backups, etc. – these are the sole responsibility of the Customer.